Welcome to the homepage of Weymouth Bay, designer and maker of premium ceiling fans. Here at Weymouth Bay, we focus on designing products that don’t sacrifice form for function, or function for form.

We realize that design is important, which means that providing bespoke options that can be easily changed to meet customers’ wants at any given moment is a must. From the very beginning we have pushed our engineers to take a modular approach, which includes making it easy for customers to replace blades to match one’s desired interior decor from season to season.

Thank you for your interest, and be sure to contact us for more information.


Weymouth Bay is a designer and maker of premium ceiling fans. We design our fans not only to produce favorable wind, but also want to ensure that our fans provide visual comfort with great design as well. In making our fans, we start by sourcing premium materials that produce a fine finish and are durable for long enjoyment of our products.



If you are interested in making a purchase or in resale opportunities, please contact us at the below email address, and we will get back to you shortly. We are currently looking for new retail partners around the globe.

Email: info@weymouth-bay.com